Antai Global Summer Program Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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“ I cannot begin to tell you how amazing the program and faculty at SJTU was. It was probably one of the best experiences of my life. The only downside was the short duration of the program. The quality of the presentation, professors, company visits, campus, lodging, and cultural excursions is truly phenomenal. “

-- By Aldo Martinez [USA]

“ We went to companies that are fully private-owned, state-controlled and a couple of multi-national companies. To see the differences and how they operate in China was extremely interesting. The cultural visits were all great. The one that really worked for me was visiting the local Chinese family and having dinner with them. It gives you excellent insights into what life is like for average middle-class Chinese people. “

---- By Mohammed Al Kharusi [Oman]

“ The lectures went very detailed to dispel any myth you have about the economic and the business environment in China. We heard the CEO of Yihaodian talk about the strategy behind how he developed and grew the company. We were in constant interactions with so many people from different countries. You have personalized learning you can’t get anywhere else and you have well setup, institutionalized learning that helps you gain insights into what’s going on in China. “

--- By Michael Tu [USA]

“ Everything exceeded my expectation --- the lectures, the professors, people in the program, and China itself. I was not expecting such high-caliber, such important lecturers.”

--- By Marina Braga [Brazil]

“ I was really impressed with the variety of lectures. We had a lot of lectures on different topics, from different nationalities of lecturers. The lectures were tied in really well with the company visits. The whole program was put together really well.”

---- By Lisa Alderson [Australia]

“ The balance between different activities we did in the program – cultural activities, company visits – is what makes it interesting , not one specific thing but the fact that we do all these things together gives it added-value. The program selected students from all over the world, so I make friends from all over the world and got to know their cultures.”

--- By Liselotte Van Coillie [Belgium]

“ It is a very well-rounded program where we are able to be with the masters-level students for a good amount of time, which greatly helped us. The questions they were able to ask based on their experience were enlightening. At the same time, we have our own undergraduate program, which was more tailored to our needs. I think it was a very good combination.”

---- By Moshe Linfield [USA]

“ I have an engineering background and want to know how to do business in China. It’s a great opportunity to be here to learn how Chinese people think and how Chinese companies are managed. “

--- By Simon Fabian Schäfer [Germany]

“The company visit is my favorite part. I really enjoyed visiting Yihaodian, 3M and Volkswagen. The speakers are very nice, like the founder of Yihaodian Yu Gang. I didn’t expect we can speak to the founder. Normally you can see them in front of TV or magazine, but they are sitting in front of you and talking to you. It’s very nice. “

---- By Joseph Wu [Taiwan]

“SJTU is one of the best universities in China and I’m really proud to have studied here. “

--- By Maria Vegas Mata [Spain]

“We went to regular Chinese family, like family dinner we had. Having dinner with them and seeing how Chinese people live is like diving really into the culture. That has been really special to me.”

--- By Friedrich Holotiuk [Germany]

“The program is really exciting because you learn a lot about China.I think the most interesting part is when you learn about dumplings and pottery because it’s really Chinese.”

---- By Diana Beauty [Indonesia]

“I studied Asian studies in the UK. Before I came, I knew a lot about Japanese culture and Korean culture, but I felt in order to broaden my horizons and grasp East Asia societies, I really had to come to China and learn about Chinese culture, and see what China is like and how it’s different from its neighbors.”

--- By Carl-Fredrik Eriksson [Sweden]