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Q1.What materials should be submitted for the application?

Required Documents for All

Materials of languages other than English or Chinese should be submitted together with an English or Chinese explanatory document. 5MB maximum/per document, PDF or JPG format only

  1. CV (2-page maximum)
  2. Personal Portrait Photo
  3. Passport / Chinese ID Card
  4. Student Card/Name Card or Staff Badge

Additional Required Documents for Scholarship Application

AGSP offers scholarship from USD 250 to a full tuition waiver. To apply for a scholarship of this program, you need to provide transcript of the most recent academic year/semester.

  1. Motivation Essay (1 page, 300 words maximum; PDF)
  2. Transcript (at least one semester, screen-shot acceptable; PDF, JPG)
  3. English Language Proficiency (if English is NOT your mother tongue nor the teaching language at your university)
  4. Supplementary Documents (e.g. recommendation letter, awards, certificate and etc.; PDF, JPG)

Please do remember to SUBMIT once you complete the online application form and uploading documents.

Q2. How is program fee paid? What is the payment schedule?

Please refer to Payment Instructions at the bottom of the Application page for more detail. For any other questions, please contact the program team at

Q3.Does Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) provide certificates and transcripts, and can credits earned at SJTU be transferred to home institutions?

Certificates and transcripts (3 SJTU credits) will be provided upon successful completion of the program. Credit transfer is at the discretion of the receiving institution. An evaluation project will be held at the end of the program.

Q4. Is it possible not to attend some corporate and/or cultural activities?

Social activities are a key element in the cultural part of the program. Company visits, cultural immersion activities and sightseeing are compulsory, and the fee for them is non-refundable. We would like it if you would join us! If you would like to do some interesting things in addition to these activities, we are pleased to give you suggestions.

Q5. What support will I get for my travel to China?

Participants are responsible for travel between their home country and Shanghai, China. We will provide supporting documents to help participants secure visas to enter and stay in China.

Q6. Can I choose not to stay at the designated hotel arranged by the AGSP team?

During the program period, students are housed in a five-star residence hotel (or equivalent) at a special rate near Xuhui campus which is within 8-minute-walking distance from Antai College. More information is available in the “General Information” section of the About page.

We strongly encourage you to stay with our arrangement and enjoy the three weeks with the AGSP group members.

Q7.Should students buy insurance?

Yes, participants must have travel and medical insurance to cover his or her entire stay in China. We require participants to carry adequate medical and accident insurance coverage during their entire stay in China. If applicant doesn’t buy any insurance in the home country, he or she is required to buy “Personal Accident Insurance” on the registration day at SJTU. Participants should inform the organizer of his or her medical conditions if any and are responsible for all associated with medical expenses.

Q8. Where can I get the latest program information?

Please do visit AGSP website often as information may update from time to time, or you can find some useful downloads at the bottom of the Application  page.