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2013 Antai Global Summer School Successfully Completed

The first class of Antai Global Summer School (AGSS) had its grand opening at Antai College of Economics & Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University on 1 July 2013. The first class enrolled 38 students from 18 different countries and regions such as the U.S.A., the U.K., Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, Australia, Belgium, Columbia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and Taiwan and so on. These students came from 18 well-known overseas universities including University of Cambridge U.K., Northwestern University U.S.A., University of Sydney Australia etc. The 3-week program offers an opportunity for overseas students to understand the Chinese history and cultural development, the current Chinese business environment, and how business are operated here.

The AGSS is ACEM’s first summer English program intended for overseas students. Once the students have finished the program and passed the examination, they would be accredited 3 SJTU credit points. The program design consists of four modules: Chinese economics and management courses, Chinese language and culture seminars, company visits, Chinese culture immersion activities and city tours. The goal is to help students understand the Chinese economy, business practice environment, Chinese local and operating strategies of international companies in China, to help them acquainted with the Chinese language, and to provide them experience in learning Chinese history, society and culture.

Within the module of Chinese economics and management courses, there were 11 specially designed classes such as Chinese enterprise strategic choices, Chinese economics and management environment, comparison of Chinese-Western companies’ corporate marketing, human resources management. For the Chinese language courses, there were two separate classes -lower and medium levels for students with different command of Chinese language. For the company visit part, students visited foreign-owned enterprises, Sino-foreign joint ventures and local private enterprises. Students were offered privileged opportunities to hear speeches by and interacted with the top managements of 3M China, Volkswagen Shanghai, Lastly, the Chinese culture immersion activities featured a series of Chinese geography and tourism lectures, and Zen meditation, pottery modeling, dumpling cooking class to embrace students in the glamour of China and its culture.

The first Global Summer School has been successfully held and completed. We are pleased to learn that each and every participant had very high praise of the program, leading to 100% student recommendation rate on feedback form.